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Comprehensive tremors hands treatment: get the full spectrum of medical care 

More often, tremor is not associated with any disease. It is how the human body reacts to overstrain, stress, overwork, and poor lifestyle choices. As a rule, such a disorder is temporary and does not require special tremors hands treatment. However, pathological tremors are usually associated with various abnormalities of the nervous system. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, thyrotoxicosis, cerebellar damage, dementia, neuroses, many degenerative and hereditary diseases of the nervous system are the main causes of shakiness in the hands.

Essential tremor is the most common hereditary disease that is characterized by an uncontrolled hand trembling for short periods with constantly repeating episodes that may get worse during worrying and emotional strain, and, in rare cases, it may even be the trigger for losing balance. A neurological disorder, such as ET, is a progressive condition with noticeable shakiness in arms that can significantly decrease your ability to deal with daily tasks and lower your performance levels. Thus, if involuntary quivering movement affects you, contact a health care specialist for obtaining an adequate tremors hands treatment to get rid of twitching and restore normal functioning of your brain and cerebellum that coordinate and regulate muscular activity.

Proven ways to manage essential tremor

Therapies for сombating rhythmic twitching. People who suffer from mild or moderate tremors are offered physical therapy. Physiotherapy cannot cure tremors, but with it, you can reach your full body potential and more efficiently coordinate movements, relieving symptoms of finger vibrations, handling muscle weakness, and repairing strength. To make shakiness even more manageable, a patient may be suggested occupational therapy. The medical methods are aimed at adapting and learning how to live with the condition and reduce the impact of sudden jerking or convulsive movement on your life.

Long-term drug therapy for troublesome tremors. With ET condition, tremors hands treatment scheme will contain different drugs, such as:

  • beta-adrenergic blocking agents to lower blood pressure, for example, propranolol that will reduce upper limb vibrations;
  • the anti-seizure drug, such as primidone, to control abnormal brain electrical activity and reduce the intensity and amplitude of tremor;
  • some movement disorders, including hand shakiness, can be provoked by B1, B6, and B12 deficiency; poor magnesium levels can also contribute to tremor;
  • tranquilizers can be added to tremors hands treatment if depression and anxiety worsen twitching.

In some cases, when the tremor leads to significant disturbances in everyday activity and causes discomfort, and medications do not deliver necessary changes and improvements, surgical procedures, such as deep brain stimulation (DBS) are required.

Recommendations to prevent or relieve hand tremors. Making significant lifestyle changes can be your home remedy to cope with shaky hands. Thus, you must develop a suitable sleep schedule, avoid consumption of too much caffeine, find your techniques and apply breathing exercises to eliminate stress or try natural cure, such as herbal therapy.

If shakiness does not stop, schedule a meeting with a credible health care specialist immediately. A doctor will determine the underlying shaky hands cause, and based on your diagnosis, suggest correct and effective tactics to decrease the severity of tremors.