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Electroencephalography (EEG)

Scan your brain activity for more precise diagnosis and treatment

EEG scan test is a medical painless procedure for measuring brain electrical activity using electrodes with wires that a doctor will attach to the patient’s head to help diagnose various health conditions or identify changes in brain activity. Obtaining wave lines, a medical specialist can determine if there is abnormal brain activity and provide adequate therapy.

Why you need electroencephalography tests

Using EEG test New Your services, it is possible to diagnose different types of disorders to determine the correct treatment program. A doctor may ask you to go through the brain scan process in the following cases:

  • when diagnosing epilepsy;
  • when examining the causes of headaches and paroxysmal disorders like spinning dizziness or seizures;
  • to analyze conditions after a stroke;
  •  impaired memory, attention, intellectual deterioration;
  • endocrine pathologies;
  • traumatic brain injury in order to study the brain recovery process;
  • for various sleep disorders (insomnia, drowsiness, frequent nighttime awakenings, etc.);
  • in children, in cases of behavioral issues, a lack of attention, problems with speech development;
  • to deal with mental disorders of various kinds (behavioral, neurotic, psychosomatic, emotional and others);
  • to assess the effectiveness of anticonvulsant therapy and the selection of optimal therapeutic drug dosage.

Vital information a patient must be aware of before the EEG scan procedure

Contraindications to the procedure: being a non-invasive procedure, the EEG test has no contraindications. The only thing that can prevent its implementation is head injuries, acute infectious processes, or postoperative sutures that have not healed yet.

Electroencephalogram is absolutely safe: some patients are openly afraid of the upcoming brain waves scanning, as sensors with wires will be placed on your scalp ready to read everything that is happening inside the cranium. However, EEG test New York sleep specialists assure that brain investigation is risk-free, has no restrictions on age, and has no side effects;

No special EEG preparation is required, but it’s still better to consider a few preparation tips, so the specialist could obtain accurate test results:

  • the physician should advise the patients whether they should discontinue planned medication;
  • the results can be influenced by the caffeinated products; therefore, it is prohibited to drink coffee before the test;
  • anti-anxiety medications also affect results, so it is advisable to consult your doctor on their usage;
  • you must wash your hair and avoid applying some additional products like conditioner, masks, gels, oils, etc.;
  • you may receive instructions to stay awake all night or sleep only for a couple of hours before the scanning in case you are supposed to sleep during the EEG procedure, as some abnormal activities are impossible to detect unless the patient is asleep.

Following the development and innovations of medical technologies, our Advanced Medical Care team is ready to provide high-quality EEG test New York services, and, as a result, more precise treatment and better results. Our healthcare provider will explain how the procedure looks like and what to expect. Following the simplest directions, you will get personalized services from dedicated specialists for whom your health is the top priority.