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6 Tips to Combat Insomnia

Neurological health is one of the most important, yet often ignored facets of medicine in the world of healthcare. As technology has advanced, and society spends more and more time using devices such as smartphones, tablets, and more – neurological disorders have become far more common than ever before. Many scientists and neurological experts believe that the additional stimulus provided through technology and these all-too-common devices, has a direct correlation with brain disorders. One of these common neurological issues is insomnia, the inability to get a good, restful night’s sleep. According to Dr. Maria Dolgovina, of Advanced Medical Care, the Top Neurologist Forest Hills has to offer more and more adults and children are suffering from sleep disorders than ever before, and with technology becoming more of an essential part of life, every day, many expect these numbers to rise ever higher within the coming years. The main issue with a condition like insomnia is that because sleep is such an essential part of life, and vital to so many every day bodily processes, a lack of sleep can drastically affect our cognitive abilities and our ability to focus throughout the day. While insomnia treatment is important, Dr. Dolgovina recommends a variety of behavioral lifestyle changes that can help patient’s to not only improve their sleep patterns but to improve their cognitive functions and the overall health of their brains. Here are a few important steps that can help you to combat your sleep issues.

·  Keep a Good Wake-Up Routine

Many of us have to wake up early in order to get to work or school on the weekdays, but often, on weekends, we have a tendency to sleep in and try to catch a few extra hours. And while this might seem to be beneficial to those lacking sleep, it actually will make things worse. According to Dr. Dolgovina, of Advanced Medical Care, the top neurologist Forest Hills has in practice, one of the best means of fighting insomnia is to create a constant sleep routine to train your body to get used to sleeping and waking up at certain times.

·  Cut Out Naps

Napping might be helpful to some people, but for those who are in need of insomnia treatment, naps can be a huge detriment. Again, naps will cause disturbances to your regular sleep pattern or routine. Without a strong routine, it is difficult for the body to understand that it must sleep at certain times.

·  Cut Out Drinking, Smoking & Other Stimulants

One common behavior that many of those who suffer from insomnia tend to have in common, is that they smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and consume certain stimulants such as caffeine – generally, to excess. Nicotine & caffeine are stimulants that will keep you awake, according to Dr. Dolgovina, the top neurologist Forest Hills has practicing, cutting out smoking and drinking coffee can help most people with insomnia improve their sleep issues. Also, alcohol, despite being a sedative, will generally keep individuals from sleeping throughout the night.

·  Get Regular Exercise

A good exercise routine can help individuals to improve on their quality of sleep, getting more REM sleep and more overall rest. Without REM sleep, it is difficult for our body to rest and recharge. However, it is important to realize that exercise immediately before bed can actually prevent you from sleeping through the night, it is important to finish a workout at least 3-4 hours before bed.

·  Cut Out Stress

The less stress you feel, the easier it will be to fall asleep. Often, we tend to overthink and ponder all our problems and stresses before bed. This can cause your mind to race and prevent you from sleeping.

·  Create a Good Sleep Environment

As the top neurologist Forest Hills has to offer, Dr. Maria Dolgovina, of Advanced Medical Care, recommends her patients create a comfortable, stress-free environment in their bed, that is used just for sleeping. Try to limit watching TV, using your phone, or doing work in bed, as it can cause unwanted stimulus before bed.

For more information on insomnia treatment, be sure to contact Dr. Maria Dolgovina, of Advanced Medical Care today.

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