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I have suffered from chronic migraines for the last two years, and they seem to have sprung up out of nowhere. Thankfully I was referred to Advanced Medical one of the top Queens neurological centers. Within a few weeks they had identified exactly what my issue was, and after some trial and error were able to find an adequate treatment protocol. I have been migraine free for over 6 months now and I owe it all to Advanced Medical.
Timothy J.
My insomnia was slowly taking over my life. I was sluggish, and tired all day – no matter how exhausted I was ALL DAY, I still couldn’t get to sleep at night. While there doesn’t seem to be one main source of my insomnia, Dr. Dolgovina was able to help me alter my sleep hygiene and it truly made a difference. They were also able to refer me to a psychiatrist, where I was diagnosed with a type of anxiety issue – which made a lot of sense. Thanks to Advanced Sleep Care I was able to handle my issues and my sleep patterns have improved tremendously!
Lisa W.
As a longtime patient of Dr. Dolgovina, I have been receiving neurological care for some issues from my childhood and truly enjoy everything about her practice. The staff is wonderful to deal with, they are so friendly and kind. Booking appointments, or follow-ups are always a breeze, and they are always willing to help with whatever my special needs are (and I have a lot!). From calling in prescriptions early, to changing appointments, they make it so easy. This really is a 5 star practice, through and through!
Tina X.
Early last year I was injured in a terrible car accident, and sustained a number of different injuries to my lower back and hips. After having reconstructive surgery on my hip I was in a lot of pain, even months after things had healed. I was diagnosed with nerve damage that was causing a lot of pain and weakness in my lower back and hips. Under the care of Advanced Medical neurology they were able to provide me physical therapy and a number of other nerve treatment care options. I am currently going through pain management, but thanks to Advanced Medical and their staff I am able to walk, and have gone back to work.
Petyr V.
I have struggled from chronic daytime fatigue, and recently it has gotten so bad I’ve fallen asleep during meetings – extremely embarrassing when it happens at work. My biggest fear is that it should occur while am driving my son to school or in traffic. I looked up somewhere in my area for care and found Advanced Sleep Care located right in my neighborhood in Brighton Beach. I decided to make an appointment and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue disorder and hypersomnia. It took a long time and included multiple tests, physical therapy, and even a sleep study but I am finally seeing some results! Dr. Dolgovina was able to treat what few other doctors could – she’s the best sleep specialist Brooklyn has in practice. I have recommended Advanced Medical to multiple family members as well who suffer from sleep or snoring issues and they have experienced similar results.
Michael Y.
My husband began complaining about my snoring recently and it was very peculiar to me as I had never had these issues before. I tried some OTC strips and remedies, but it became worse and worse. One night he had shaken me awake as he thought I had stopped breathing, and I woke up gasping for air. This was really very scary to me and I didn’t know what to do from here. I live in Rego Park and after a few local Google searches stumbled upon Advanced Sleep Care. Within the first few minutes of my appointment they diagnosed me with Sleep Apnea, and said it was quite common but I would need treatment immediately. Dr. Dolgovina ordered a sleep study for me, so they could monitor my sleep up close. Once we got the results I was prescribed some medication as well as a sleep mask appliance to wear overnight. My sleep has improved drastically, I’m getting restful sleep and no longer snoring. My husband and I owe it all to Dr. Dolgovina and her staff.
Tamara D.
Due to a fracture in one of my vertebra I suffered extensive nerve damage that was causing a lot of problems with my motor function, as well as causing me random sensations of pain that could spring up at any time. Without warning at times I would have to pull over on the highway and simply deal with shooting pains radiating down my legs, or arms. And generally it would stop after 15 minutes or so but the issues were beginning to occur far more often. Thankfully I was already under the care of Dr. Dolgovina at Advanced Medical and she truly was an amazing help. She ordered some testing including a Electromyography or EMG, and they were able to find the exact location of the nerve damage and clear it away. Its been over a year since my last procedure and aside from some occasional stiffness in my back (mostly after a long workout or being seated in one position for a few hours) I am completely symptom free and living my best life.
Yevgeniya S.
My brother recently came to America to stay with my wife and I longterm. Being born and raised in Russia, he speaks very poor English and simply isn’t comfortable with the language yet. Recently when he started having terrible sleep issues, and it became clear he needed medical intervention we were so lucky to find Advanced Sleep Care. Most of the staff and doctors speak Russian fluently and it is very convenient for him, as well as my wife and I since we no longer have to act as his translator. Within a few weeks they were able to begin treatment and we were seeing amazing results. Dr. Dolgovina and her staff did multiple tests, and discovered a neurological issue that was completely undiagnosed by multiple physicians, in his over 30 years of life! Thanks to her he is finally sleeping and able to live a happy, productive life in America. My wife and I are so grateful, and I am so happy to write this review on his behalf. Thank you!
Viktor K.
I have been a cardiology patient of Dr. Kapchits for the last few years, and have had an overall great experience with Advanced Medical Care and their team of physicians. Over the last few months I have had a lot of difficulty getting proper sleep, I would often wake up in the middle of the night, or wouldn’t be able to sleep at all. It would leave me exhausted at work, and I could barely focus. I made an appointment with Dr. Dolgovina a neurologist at Advanced Medical, and she was able to quickly identify the source of my insomnia. She not only prescribed me some medication which helped a lot, she and her staff provided me a number of lifestyle changes that would help better my sleep issues and really helped improve my quality of life for the better. I never realized I had been doing so many things wrong like watching TV so close to bedtime, and eating my dinner in bed at times.
Jack V.