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Sleep Deprivation

When you aren’t sleeping well or you don’t sleep enough it can have a negative impact on your health. There are many causes for sleep deprivation including daily stressors, purposefully sleeping less to spend more time on work or play, or there may be certain medical or mental conditions that are making it hard for you to sleep.

Sleep deprivation can also be caused by an underlying sleep disorder. You may wake up from sleep not feeling refreshed, and you may experience excessive sleepiness throughout the day. You may not even be aware that the cause of your daytime symptoms is sleep deprivation. Many people with sleep deprivation don’t know that they should feel differently than they normally do throughout the day, which is often what causes people to remain untreated for so long.

Short and Long-Term Effects of Sleep Deprivation
Short-term effects of sleep deprivation include problems with memory and concentration, decreased performance, increased stress, reduced quality of life and an increase in both work and car-related accidents. The long-term consequences of sleep deprivation are more serious and include conditions like heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, heart failure and mood disorders like depression.

Because your sleep deprivation could be a result of an undiagnosed sleep disorder, you should look into having a polysomnogram, or sleep study, at our clinic. You will stay with us for one or two nights to record your functions as you sleep. This is a non-invasive and painless procedure. While you sleep we will study your respiration, your brain waves, your heart rhythm, eye movement and muscle contractions. We may also perform a multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) on those who report excessive daytime sleepiness. This test studies how quickly you can fall asleep during the day and is often used to diagnose narcolepsy and hypersomnia.

Once we obtain information from your first night of sleep, we will analyze the data and come up with a diagnosis for your sleep deprivation. If it is caused by another sleep disorder like sleep apnea, we may have you stay another night in order to see which medicines, oxygen or devices like CPAP therapy can help reduce your symptoms and give you a better night’s rest.

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